sculpting process

After the idea for a new sculpture is born, the search for the right stone begins.

Sometimes however, the appearance of beautiful stone can inspire into a certain direction.

When there is a match between the stone and the idea, the sketch is drawn on a piece of paper and the work started soon after that.

Typically it will come out according to the sketched plan, but at any stage of the work it might change direction. The final sculpture might come out totally different than the initial sketch!

Often the first impression remains and leads the entire process until completion of the statue.

Technically, sculptures are done in phases.

First, large parts of the stone are removed with an automatic grinder or drill.

Next, during the main stage of sculpting, the work is done manually with a hammer and chisel.

This is the actual sculptural work and it requires many hours of labour, and the progress seems slow.

During the last phase, if necessary, the stone will undergo a process of smoothing, according to the nature and character of the statue. This phase too takes a long time.

While working on a sculpture, thoughts come and go. Positive thoughts promote correct use of the tools and reduces wear on the body, thereby guiding towards better results.

As formal meditation practices strengthen spiritual development directly, sculpting too results in a calming meditative state of mind, which occurs while being preoccupied with the material.