A Woman meditates
A Woman sitting in Offering meditation.
Basalt stone, height 42 cm.
A pregnant woman in meditation position.
Basalt Stone, height 85 cm.
Chain links   
Two parts of the same stone connected to each other.
Basalt Stone, length 67 cm.
Relif of the jewish menorah
special limestone, length 47 cm.
Assyrian god
A combination of animal and human
basalt stone colored gold, length 24 cm.
Sea turtle
Anciant turle shell.
basalt stone, length 68 cm.
A Head in a bowl
A Head at the bottom of a stone bowl.
Basalt Stone, length 47 cm.
Granite face
a face from the stone.
Red granite, length 37 cm.
The bird of the heart   
A bird hugging heart - located in Maaleh Adumim
Limestone, hight 220 cm.
Life and Death
A Skull and male organ.
Marble, height 21 cm.
TurtleHuman headed turtle emerging from the stone.
Basalt Stone ,Height 0.60, length 1.27, width 0.97
Two Faces
Two faces on one head.
Basalt Stone, Height 1.85, width 1.30, depth - 0.90
A lizard striving towards a meteor.
Basalt Stone, Height 2.20, width 1.50, depth 0.60
A well polished male organ with a female angel relief.
Basalt Stone, Height 2.55, width 1.44, depth 0.90
A massive head with a decorative hat.
Height 3.00, width 2.30, depth 2.10