Oshri Jacob

Born 1968 and raised in Kibbutz Merchavia (Yizrael Valley Israel).

From an early age developed his artistic abilities.

1990 - produced hand-crafted carved sculptures and jewelry, which he sold nation wide on festivals and markets, like the Craft Market of Nahalat Binyamin in Tel Aviv.

1991 - traveled to India and studied granite sculpture ethnic methods, in this period lived and worked for several months with the local sculptors at the sculptures village Mahabalipuram in South India.

1992-1998 created a number of large and impressive basalt sculptures, which are in the Sculpture garden at Merchavia.

1999-2012 - After several trips around the world - USA, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, returned to Merchavia.

2012-2016 - continues to sculpt in love at all types of stones.